Israel’s parliament just voted for a bill to ban gay conversion therapy


Yesterday was a big day of the history of Israel. Especially for LGBT community. A bill, that bans conversion therapy, was approved by the local parliament Knesset. Unfortunately, not all are happy about that decision. Orthodox lawmakers are sure that this bill will shake fragile fault lines of the coalition government in Israel. The bill was approved in reading by 42 votes for and 36 votes against. The bill supported Blue and White block and Amir Ohana [island’s security minister]. But there are the rest of the coalition was against. It can lead to damage of the coalition only because of the conversion therapy vote. As we know, conversion therapyhas been a contested problem in the country. This therapy was debunked psychiatrists. Activists stated that conversion therapy is a real torture for people. Nitzan Horowitz, who is gay leader ofcountry’s Meretz party, contributed to approval of this bill.


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