George Michael’s sister ‘died after falling into a diabetic coma’


It became known that George Michael’s sister Melanie Panayiotou (who was a hairdresser) died after she fell in a diabetic coma. She passed away in 2019 on the third anniversary ofMichael’s death. The reason of the Panayiotou’s death was kept in secret, but now the real truth came out.According to The Mirror, Melanie had diabetic ketoacidosis what is complication of Type One diabetes. Remember, family members said then that Panayiotou died because of the “broken heart”. But now it is clear that Melanie passed away because of the lack of insulin and high blood sugar. Melanie passed away on Christmas Day and was found at her £6.2million residence by her sister Yioda. The interesting fact is that George Michael died the same day, but in 2016. Inner London North carried out a post-mortem. According to the police, the death of Melanie Panayiotou wasn’t suspicious at all. After that, informer explained that there will be no further comments.


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