2 churches are criticized for a picture of Jesus kissing a boy used for LGBT conference

Cross and sunset

Mid Ulster Pride in Northern Ireland celebrated the official launch of its parade to be held in June. During the celebration, Anglican Church of Ireland rector reverend Andrew Rawding – who is also the deputy chairman of Mid Ulster Pride – also announced another event which also attracted criticism. On April 1, Mid Ulster Pride will hold a conference called ‘Blessed are the Queer’, which will be a panel discussion showcasing the intersection between faith in Jesus and being queer. Rawding is known for fighting back against “homophobic” teaching in the Anglican church and has attended Pride events with a sign apologizing for the church’s past mistreatment of LGBT people. But the poster for the conference, which features a picture of Jesus kissing a child on the cheek, has caused outrage among members of the local Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. Rawding defended the poster saying that LGBT+ kids know about their identity from the earliest age. And if they want to be with Jesus, they deserve to know from the earliest age that He loves them the way they are.


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