Homophobic adoption rules abandoned after officials realised it was costing $750,000 a year to discriminate


Maricopa County (Arizona) decided to abandonanti-gay adoption policy. Why? The reason was that it costs too much to keep in place: by the attorney’s estimate state should pay $750,000 a year for it. Country support parents who want to adopt kids, but according to the policy from 2015 this service to opposite-sex couples was restricted. Attorney Bill Montgomery stopped providing adoption services in his office. Moreover, he forbade provision to outside firms. Happily, 5 years later, it becomes known that adoption services are possible again.Allister Adel decides to end up with anti-gay policy, what means that adoption services are back. Local government makes actually profit on it: it will save $750,000 for taxpayers.“After we realised how much we saved both for taxpayers, and for gettingkids out of the system and into families, this was thing we really had to do”, Adel added. Gay couples can enjoy adopting their long-waited babies.


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