Chick-fil-A still wants to have a branch in the UK


Chick-fil-A has insisted that it will push forward with opening a “permanent” UK location as both of their restaurants in the country closed their doors amid the backlash from the British human rights campaigners, who did not forgive the chain’s Baptist owners for funding anti-LGBT hate groups for years. A spokesperson for Chick-Fil-A told The Herald Scotland confirmed that the branch in Scottish highlands was closed, but insisted that it had not been planned as permanent. “It has been our pleasure to serve guests at this pilot restaurant for the past several months, and we are grateful to Macdonald Hotels for allowing us the opportunity to learn from each and every customer,” the spokesperson added, noting that those insights allowed them to consider a permanent branch in the UK in the nearest future. Chick-fil-A has a long history of opposing LGBT+ rights. The Baptist-owned company has given millions of dollars to anti-gay groups, leading to protests, boycotts, and several new US branches being banned from opening.


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