Margaret Court returns to Australian Open


The female tennis player was commemorated at the tennis tournament in Melbourne marking celebrate the 50th anniversary of her 1970 quadruple Grand Slam victory. However, the commemoration is made decidedly more awkward by to her criticism of gay rights in general, same-sex marriages in part, and transgender rights, especially when it comes to trans children, whom Mrs. Court called no other than demon-possessed. Court said that she had been ‘persecuted’ by the media for ‘teaching the Bible’ and asked people to separate her personal beliefs from her achievements in tennis. “I just wish the press would keep to my tennis and not all the other stuff. I think people are trying to take it out on me because of my beliefs. But 50 years ago, what I did is what I did, and I loved representing my nation and playing for my nation. I think it is well-deserved, I think it’s something I did for my nation, and I’m always very proud of it,” the tennis player said.


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