Russian foreign ministry made formal complaints to UK, US and Canadian embassies for flying the rainbow flag during Pride month


Russia and Pride flags again, really. Country’s foreign ministry complained to embassies such countries as United Kingdom, United States and Canada because of flying the rainbow Pride flag during Pride Month.According to Russian “gay propaganda” law, positive depiction of queer people is forbidden. If person shares any information about LGBT, he can be sentenced to 15 years. UK embassyflew Pride flag in the end of June, what led to a protest note from the Russian foreign ministry. Moreover, Vasily Piskarev, Duma’s lawmaker, explained that not only UK embassy received this note, but also embassies of the “Display of propaganda of non-traditional sexual minorities in Russia is not allowed by law,”Piskarev added.In turn, American embassy decided to go up againstDonald Trump, because he banned country’s embassies from flying LGBT Pride flag during Pride Month. Putin said that foreign embassy’s employees must be secretly queer.


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