Trace Lysette joins Trans in Trumpland docuseries exploring the impact of the president’s Transphobia


New series about transgender? Yes, finally. Trace Lysette, who is a star of Transparent, decided to become an executive producer of documentaryseries about being a trans in Trump’s America. Dosuceries was titled Trans in Trumpland. It consists of four-parts. Its storyline tells about four trans people who faced hate as the Donald Trump administration rolls back equal rights protections. IT is a story about a road trip narrative across remote parts of the USA. You can learn more about transgender experience in politically hostile states of the country. This series is nothing more but grim realities transgender people face every day in America. Transparent star said that she is so excited and glad to work in so beautiful trans-led team. She finds it important to show resistance and resiliency of trans people through this series. Moreover, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, who is a transgender activist, is as an executive producer of Trumpland. We don’t know yet whereTrumpland will be aired. But it seems to be a great docu.


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