European Union funding withheld from six Polish towns


Poland became known for its ‘LGBT-free’ zones. But it is an example how homophobic policies can lead to financial problems for the country. European Union decided to rejectPolish application for funding of six towns of ‘LGBT-free’ zones because of homophobic policies in the country. These towns had applied to the Union’s town twinning programme that makes possible for them to get grants of up to €150,000. A list of towns who won these grants was announced this Tuesday, but there was no at least one town of ‘LGBT-free’zones. “We decided to reject these six towns because authorities of these towns don’t respectEU values and fundamental rights,” Helena Dalli from EU Commission explained. ‘LGBT-free’ zonescover around 1/3 of the country. It is also possible that other areas could lose their funding too.


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