Innocent trans woman targeted with vile transphobic abuse in airport wins compensation from attacker


Have you ever verbally abused transgender people? Then be ready to pay compensation. Simon Elgy (37) abusedverbally a transgender womanat Gatwick Airport. Elgyappeared Worthing Magistrates’ Court. A man pled guilty because he caused harassment. Worthing Magistrates’ Court heard the incident when Elgy abused a transgender woman at the airport only because she was transgender. Andy Tonks, who is Magistrate of the court, delivered verdict: Simon Elgy should pay £400 to this transgender woman and £85 in court costs. It is not the only incident connected with transphobic abusein the country. Transgender hate crime rate becomes higher in the United Kingdom. More and more transgender people became victims of damage to property, physical attacks, bullying, verbal abuse, online abuse, harassment etc. Reports of such hate crimes have risen by 37 per cent compared to the last year.


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