Pete Buttigieg is communicating with elderly LGBT people


The Democrat who hopes to become the USA President spoke out about the points of his campaign directly impacting the 50+ segment of the LGBT community. He told New York Times that these people could not even imagine that there could ever be a gay man as a Presidential hopeful, so he feels even more responsibility when they come to see him during his campaign meetings. He wants to make it clear for them that he hears and understands them even when they are already struggling with the verbal expression of their thoughts. Young people want to help, they want to be involved. He wants to be known for what he does, not for being gay, but at the same time he understands that he makes history and breaks the barriers that existed for many years, and those elderly people devoted his lives to fighting against these barriers. He says that they were not the main reason why he started the presidential campaign, but they are definitely a motivation for him to keep going.


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