Republican lawmaker in Missouri wants to jail librarians for LGBT-related books


Missouri state representative Ben Baker, a Trump supporter, filed HB 2044 – which would ban libraries from allowing minors to access description of human sexuality represented in any form. Under the proposed law, all books available to children would be required to get approval from an elected “parental library review board”, which would also have the power to “order any material deemed to be age-inappropriate sexual material to be removed from public access”. Librarians are to face fines and librarians are to have their funding cut in case if there is any LGBT-related content given to minors. Speaking to local news station KOAM, Baker said the bill is a response to ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ events. Ben Baker denies that his plans amount to censorship because books violating the ban will not be permanently removed from the libraries but moved to the 18+ section. It is unclear how many Missouri public libraries have adults-only restricted sections.


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