Gay couple brutally beaten after defending innocent women from homophobic thugs


Do you defend victims? Then be ready to be beaten and even rushed to hospital. A gay coupleEmmett Doherty and Luke Bromilow from Derry (Northern Ireland) got injuries after homophobic attack. They met Sunday morning in town. Doherty and Bromilow tried to help a woman because she was being harassed by stranger.Dohertymade a point on how this stranger spoke to a woman because he used homophobic slurs. After that men violently assaultedDoherty and Bromilow what led to facial, head and body injuries. Couple is shocked and terrified now. Doherty commented this incident: “We have to discuss it with next generation. I won’t be silenced and I will fight this. This year, 2020, it’s an absolute disgrace.”Doherty is sure that because of such incident young people are afraid of coming outs. Emmett wants to support queer youth. According to the police, this incident is connected with homophobic hate crime and they will do everything possible to find this stranger.


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