Caitlyn Jenner urges trans and cis womanhood to unite


Caitlyn Jenner has attended the Women’s March in LA. She said that misogyny is still a huge issue, in part in the entertaining industry, and women should get together and stand up to it, all women – trans and cis, black and white, straight and gay. We are all the big power to show resistance against bigotry, it will be much more productive than fighting against one another because of certain prejudice. Of course, she is seriously bothered about trans women being murdered in the USA. And she admits that the trans community won’t bear it all alone, she urges her cisgender sisters to help to stop it. Jenner is white, moreover, she used to be a Republican and a Trump supporter, but seeing all these women dying (mostly women of color) she made n U-turn in her views and decided to fight for justice and life. She urges others to do the same.


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