Democrat makes grovelling apology after claiming Lucifer gives gay people ‘unnatural lusts’ in relentless homophobic rant


Think twice before you share tweets. Democrat Albert Chester faced controversy because of anti-gay tweets. He shared tweets where he wrote that “Lucifer” causes queer people’s “unnatural lusts and desires”. Democrat is about to win in the primary of 18th August and to unseatAl Lawson, current congress member. After these homophobic tweetsChesterfaced critic. Later he decided to apologize on Tweeter. He made a post on 30 July writing that his past is not an indication of who heis today. But people can see more. Somebody found Chester’s post on Facebook he made in 2013 where democrat wrote that he is not the Barack Obama’s supporter anymore because he supports LGBT community and their rights. “Our country has more important things to do and to worry about than people who come out of the closet,” he explained. Moreover, any kind of LGBT rights movementsfor Albert Chester was nothing more but the “work of the devil”.


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