Kellyanne Conway’s daughter returns to social media with searing takedown of ‘racist homophobe’ Donald Trump


Claudia Conway, a daughter of political consultantKellyanne Conway, decided to return to Twitter. This decision is connecter with the President Donald Trump. Claudia returned to social media because she wanted to troll Trump. Claudia Conway is pretty popular in social media; she has about 150,000Twitter followers and more than 250,000 TikTok followers. Twitter and TikTok are platforms for Conway where she makes posts in support of LGBT rights and Black Lives Matter.Claudia was banned already from Twitter this month because her views were completely different than views of her right-wing pundit mother serving in the White House. But this Wednesday she returned. She wrote that she has her iPhone back and now she is about to make a real revolution in Twitter. She wants to make her generation better. She wrote that Trump, who is actually the boss of her mother, is “racist, homophobic and tyrannical.” Moreover, she wanted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to adopt her. She also said that her iPhone will be confiscated again, but now she has a little bit time to say what she thinks.


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