Three police officers jailed for murder of a trans woman


The world is full of violence. Three police officers murdered a transgender woman from El Salvador. They have been jailed of course. Camila Díaz Córdova was only 29 years old and was a sex worker. Camilafledfor the US because. She got death threats by a gang and had to flee but the real danger wasn’t proved and Córdovawas deported. Woman was picked up police officers (there were 3 of them) last year in January. The reason was that she accused of creating a public nuisance. Camila was handcuffed by these officers face-down and then assaulted in their car. After that three police officers threw decided to throw her out of the car that was moving. Some days later Córdova was found by the side of the road. After hospitalisation she died. Each police officer got 20-year prison sentence because of this murder. Unfortunately, this is not the first incident connected with attack on transgender person. Since 1993, there were already more than 600 LGBT murders.


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