Bernie Sanders believes that Elizabeth Warren’s main problem is her gender


Bernie Sanders was asked about the main advantages and disadvantages of his rivals in the Presidential race and some answers were not what you might expect to hear. He had a direct confrontation with a Democrat Elizabeth Warren and recommended her not to consider presidency as it would be quite unlikely for her to win, as he believed, because America was not ready for a female President. Being called out, Sanders initially denied that he had ever said anything like that. But later the politician was made to admit that according to the ratings Warren has a chance to win, but he still finds it rather problematic for a woman to lead the country. He emphasized that it does not mean that male politicians have no problems coming to power, they definitely have them. But he still feels that this journey is much harder for women, for gay men and for other minorities because it attracts negative attention from the public. But they resist it and it definitely deserves respect.


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