Julianne Moore wouldn’t be ‘comfortable’ with a mostly-straight cast for iconic lesbian drama The Kids Are All Right in 2020


Julianne Moore told about her feelings. She remembered her role in thelesbian drama The Kids Are All Right. Actress said that it would be not so comfortable for her to be with its mostly-straight cast today.The Kids Are All Rightwas released ten years ago. This film became a milestone for cinema, especially for queer cinema, because it was the very first film that showed how sex couple raises kids. But how could it be without criticism of course. This film was criticized because Moore and Bening were straight actors, they only played gay roles. Moore said that he doesn’t know if it will be comfortable to play such role again. “Beings professional actors, we need to give real representation to people.I understand. But I’m really grateful for that experience.My job is to communicate a universality of experience to the world and that experience was unforgettable,” Julianne explained. Moreover, filmmaker Lisa Cholodenko was sure, that they do it right, because even to her it didn’t feel phony.


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