Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande ‘cancel’ surprise gig due to Coronavirus


We know how long have you been waiting for it. But you have to wait more. “Rain on Me”performance is cancelled. Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga decided to cancel this show because they have fears connected with social distancing of the fans. They had to perform at a Drive N Drag on 31st of July, but organisersbacked it away. It was connected with Chainsmokers’performance in the Hamptons, where people wanted to wear masks and had problems with social distancing. That’s why Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande decided not to risk, because concert-goers would run toward the stage, what can actually lead to losing their licence. LGBT fans are so upset and heartbroken because of this cancellation. All the fans wanted to hear “Rain on Me”live. Yes. It is corona time right now. Gaga’s album Chromatica was also blighted and fans were disappointed. Don’t be so upset, be sure you can enjoy “Rain on Me” live someday.


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