‘Queen’ is the first rock band to be commemorated with the coin

Freddie Mercury, of the pop band Queen, performing on stage during the Live Aid concert.

The coin is the first in The Royal Mint’s new ‘Music Legends’ collection that celebrates the lasting legacy of musicians and bands who wrote a music history of the country. The design pays tribute to all four members of Queen, with Freddie Mercury’s microphone and Bechstein grand piano, Brian May’s ‘Red Special’ guitar, Roger Taylor’s Ludwig bass drum and John Deacon’s Fender Precision bass. The coin is completed by the logo of the band. Brian May commented that recalling their journey to the fame a coin of their own seemed completely unimaginable, so he and his bandmates are deeply honored and touched with their music being celebrated this way. The three notes shown pressed down on the keyboard represent the opening notes of the 1975 hit “Bohemian Rhapsody”, explained Royal Mint coin designer Chris Facey, who is very proud that the first coin he designed is devoted to this band, which he finds extraordinary.


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