Male prisoners met during a bingo game and later married behind bars


Cypriot Kevork Tontian broke the law for the second time to be back in prison because he could no longer imagine his life without a fellow inmate, Brazilian Wemson Gabral da Costa, whom he had met during a bingo game. And last month the two became the second same-sex couple in the European Union to tie the knot while serving a prison term. Under the country’s laws, they entered into a civil partnership, which gives the same rights as marriage except it doesn’t allow access to adoption. But for them this limit means nothing because the still won’t consider parenting while in jail, so they call each other husbands. Tontian told Associated Press: “We dare, we dare, we asked. There is no shame. Love has no shame.” The couple successfully petitioned prison authorities to allow them to share a cell. They are both due to be released in June of this year. They are planning to stay in Cyprus but also hope to visit Brazil and hope that da Costa’s family will embrace them.


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