Advert from a vegetarian food campaign calls sexuality a lifestyle choice


The ad from Gosh! Food begins with the boy’s sister telling the camera: “This is it, he’s going to tell them.” The boy seems really nervous as he “comes out“to his parents as flexitarian. “I don’t believe it – first your sister, and now you?” the father says angrily, before lunging at the camera. The boy’s mother then tries to placate him, saying: “It’s just a phase.” The video is captioned: “It’s not a phase. Don’t let who you are keep you up at night. Do the right thing and get it off your chest. Because like our food, it’s all perfectly natural.” The food company was called out for it because, actually, human sexuality and food preferences are not the same thing – people choose what to it, but they don’t choose whom to be attracted to. Some relatives may react on their children’s food preferences negatively, but there are no separated shelters for vegetarians who were left homeless as their family disowns them. There are no fathers raping their vegetarian daughters to make them eat meat. There are no violent hate crimes on the basis of food preferences, being a vegetarian is never used against you when you want to find a new job or start a family.


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