British police officer dismissed for making homophobic and racist posts


Think twice before making posts on social media. British police officerGus Miramswas dismissed“without notice”. It was the consequence of making a made a slew of homophobic and racist comments and posts on Facebook. Policeman from the Met’s central west unitmadehomophobiccomments about two public members and security guard last year. He was also a member of a Facebook group Britain First. This group’s view is that Christian civilization is under threat from Islam. It is actually an offshoot of other group that fans anti-immigrant sentiment as well as xenophobia. Facebook administration found Mirams’ actionsinadmissibleand dismissed it with any notice. Mirams made homophobic commentsabout policemenwho attend Pride parades. Moreover, his comments were also racially offensive. It was ruled that his behavior violates standards of diversity and equality.


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