Irish politician thinks Leo Varadkar doesn’t fit to be the PM because he is gay


Sinn Féin councilor and former MMA fighter Paddy Holohan has reportedly said in his podcast called ‘No Sham’ that to his mind the leader of the country should be a person with kids, better kids of both sexes, for his policies to make sense As the current PM Leo Varadkar identifies as gay, Holohan does not consider him to fit the position he holds. Holohan also criticized Varadkar as his ancestors were noyt all ethnuic Irish. But even if the presence of children and even their gender can somehow affect the way the politician rules the country (to our opinion such relevance seems rather unlikely, mildly speaking), the fact that Mr. Varadkar is gay does not mean that he won’t have kids. He already has a significant other, so kids are just a matter of time or a personal wish. And even if a person is not gay, it does not mean that this person must have kids no matter what. Holohan issued a statement on social media yesterday where he tried to clarify his comments and to apologize for them. The Prime Minister told him that the apology was accepted.


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