Lesbian police officers granted protection by Indian courts after hiding their relationship from parents


A lesbian couple from India got protection by the courts. The reason was that one of their parents found out that couple had relationship. The names of couple in this story have been changed for hiding their real identities. Preeti (24) and Avni (24) are police officers from Mahisagar. They live together for a long time. For their friends and colleagues it wasn’t a secret that Preeti and Avni are couple. But their parents had no idea about their relationship. Nothing can be kept in secret forever. Their secret was spilled over. A couple decided to enter into maitri karar.Maitri karar is like a friendship contract that is used to legitimize relationship without having same-sex marriage. Preeti’s parents harassed Preetiand Avni after they found out about this friendship contract. Preetisaid that her parents came to them and demanded that Preeti leavesher job. Moreover, they wanted Preetigoes back with them. Preetiand Avni got protection. As a result, Preeti’s parents left couple alone.


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