Grandfather who bravely came out at 90 tells queer elders still in the closet: ‘It’s never too late to come out’


Never forget: it’s never too late to be yourself. It is advice from Kenneth Felts, a grandfather, who came out as gay at 90. He hid his sexuality all his life. But memories of his first love changed it. He came out to his lesbian daughter before coming out to other people. Feltsmotivates older queer people to come out. Before coming out it is important to have support. After coming out as a gay, Kenneth Felts was shocked how supportive LGBT community is. “I have been heartened by the wave of love and support I was met with when I came out”, Felts explained. He is sure that all queer people, who are afraid of coming out, should expect the same. “LGBT community is going to pour love and supporton you by the bucket full”, Felts added. He told he got hundreds of memos tellinghow peoplesupported him. It is unexpectedly, but it inspires. “It’s never too late to come out,” so the only advice of 90-years-old grandfather. Remember it!


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