Proudly gay Russian influencer found murdered in friend’s home after enduring years of homophobic abuse


The world is an unfair place.Why so many homophobes in there? Sad news from Russia. Popular influencer Ali Zabirov became a victim of homophobes. Young man was only 23.Influencer had thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok. His name on social media was Egor Gromov. It is not a secret that Russia is a homophobic country. That’s why young influencer faced oft homophobic abuse online.Zabirov was found murdered with signs of strangulation. It happened on the 2nd of August in his friend’s (46) flat in St Petersburg. He lay face down on pillow. Moreover, he had signs of beatings on his body. Bruising around the neck tells that it was strangulation. According to the police, owner of that flat became violent when Zabirovcameto borrow some money and after that stayed the night there. Zabirov’s friendcalled the police the next morning, but he didn’t approve his responsibility for the murder. Zabirov’s friend was arrested and is now in custody, but investigation goes on.


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