Fresh guidance on sex during coronavirus says no kissing, no face-to-face positions – and condoms for oral


You though kisses and sex are good for health? You’re wrong. According to Terrence Higgins Trust, health charity, people have to avoid kissing and close sexual positions. It is connected with high risk of catching COVID-19 during sex. Moreover, people should have masks during sexual relations. One more advice is to use condoms and dental dams while having oral sex. It helps to minimize the chances of transmission. Don’t forget to wash your hand before and after. The researchfound that 85% of people hadn’t sex outside the house since pandemic lockdown. THT is sure that if you want to minimize the risk of catching something is to have sex with yourself or with person you live or neighborhood. But if there is no other way, then try to have only one sexual partner. Of course, avoiding sex is unreal because we need it. But try not to forget about such simple rules. We need to thong about our health first.


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