Gay doctor about conversion therapy experience


It’s not a secret that more and more people and communities are trying to ban conversion therapy. This therapy has only painful consequences. Gareth, a gay doctor from Great Britain, tells about his painfulexperience. He realized he likes boys in the age of 14. While being a second year student of medical school, Gareth was referred to the Core Issues Trust in Northern Ireland. Core Issues Trust is a Christian group that believes that LGBT people can be cured of unwanted same-sex attraction. Gareth was sure he has to get rid of this part of himself, but he had no idea what consequences are. This therapy, he had received during four years, was based on talking therapy and focused on trauma he had. He explained it comes from childhood; something happens and after that person becomes trauma. But Gareth said he remembers no trauma. “I was insisted I am wrong and broken,” Gareth added. “After therapy began, my mental health took a drastic turn for the worse,” he explained.


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