Teens yelled hateful slurs near a gay couple’s home


Colin Tomblin, who lives with his partner in Madison, Alabama, shared a video from the security camera near his house that showed a group of young individuals screaming homophobic slurs. In the clip, a car goes past as a man can be heard screaming: “F**k the faggots! F**k faggots! You guys are f**king fags, f**k you!”The man claims not to have seen these particular teens before but he recognized the members of the James Clemens High School baseball team in them. He said in a Facebook post: “A car full of JCHS baseball players thought it would be a good idea to speed by while screaming “f**k the gays” and “f**k the faggots” at our house. We don’t know these kids and have never had a single interaction with them or done anything to warrant this hate speech and harassment.”Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker has apologized to the man.


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