Gay man disowned by Christian parents after finally coming out aged 57


Jake McPherson, a man who decided to come out only aged 57, tells history of how his own father disowned him. Being young man, McPherson knew his parents, who are fundamentalist Christian, will disown himafter he comes out as gay. That’s why he decided to keep this secret and never tell anybody about who he really is. It was really difficult and he turned to alcohol being a student because it was the only way to deal with the pain. “The pinnacle of repression” was that he decided to marry a woman. But nothing can be kept in secret forever and McPherson came out as gay for his wife in 1998. She understood him and expressed support. He tried to seek help for his alcohol addiction. 3 years later he decided to call his mother and tell the truth. But she didn’t understand it, she was horrified and upset. She didn’t tell it to his father, but some years later he found out. “We can’t condone that. You are not to contact us in any way ever again”, his father commented. McPherson’s heart was broken.


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