Lesbian mothers told they can’t both be child’s ‘natural parent’by high court


A lesbian from Northern Ireland had to petition a court because she couldn’t be named on her son’s birth certificate. But the answer was that she can’t be considered “natural parent”. A lesbian couple found a man in 2014 for donating them sperm to have finally a possibility to be parents. One woman from lesbian couple is registered as parent on son’s birth certificate and sperm donor agreed. The donor wanted to have some contact with baby and visit him. But lesbian couple decided to challenge it; they argued that donoris not recognised as the baby’s parent lawful. They petitioned local court to put another woman onbaby’s birth certificate, but Judge denied. He said woman could not be named as the baby’s parent on birth certificatebecause she did not meet obligations set out under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008. Both women find this decision discriminatory.


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