Pastor lost a case against Vimeo for banning ‘gay cure therapy’ videos


Pastor James Domen claims he spent three years as a gay man before changing his mind because of engaging into a Christian faith. He is now married to a woman and a father of 3. Last year Vimeo flagged his account for posting five conversion therapy videos, which were part of his work with Church United to convince people that it could be possible to become heterosexual with the help of reading the Bible and practicing Christianity. When Domen refused to take down the videos, Vimeo shut down his account. Domen immediately sued Vimeo for $75,000 plus additional damages, claiming the company had violated his right to free speech. Federal judge Stewart Aaron dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that Vimeo directly noted in their terms of use that the videos which “promote Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE)” are not allowed on the platform and will be removed. The claimant agreed with these terms of use (or at least he said that he agreed, otherwise he would not be allowed to use it at all) before uploading the videos on the platform.


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