Gay YouTube couple launched online giveaway for a vial of donor sperm


This is the best giveaway ever been launched. A couple of YouTube influencers Allie and Sam decided to launch a giveaway with unusual present: a vial of donor sperm. They made a post ion Instagram where they explained that they cooperate with leading sperm bank Fairfax Cryobank. You need only to like a post, to share it and follow the page and you can be a winner. Moreover, the donor will beof your choice. In such way, Allie and Sam wanted somebody to grow his own family, because family is the most important thing in the whole world. It is not a surprise that this giveawayattracteda lot of attention. But it divided followersinto two camps: those who found it great and those who suggested that donor sperm vial is a poor taste. The second camp was shocked and started commenting and asking what should tell a couple to their child if he learns that he came from Instagram. But the majority of followers praisedAllie and Sam for making such great thing and for giving possibility to start a family.


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