An attack on Owen Jones was homophobically motivated


A man who attacked the gay left-wing journalist Owen Jones last year was motivated either by Jones’ sexuality or political views. Three men – James Healy, Charlie Ambrose, and Liam Tracey – pled to a charge of affray over the attack outside an Islington pub on 17 August, and in 2 of three cases the judges believed them. James Healy was probably motivated by either Jones being gay or left-wing. If Healy is found guilty on either count, his sentence is due to be longer than of his partners in crime because the hate factor is to be included. Healy’s barrister, Matthew Radstone, said that his client “accepts he did target” Jones. “It is an assault he has pleaded to and a frenzied one at that,” he added. But he claimed that the only motivation was an encounter between him and Jones in the pub.


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