Free Britney: Sister Jamie Lynn handed key financial role


As it turned out, Jamie Lynn, Britney’s sister, was named the trustee of her fortune because of her conservatorship. It happened 2 years ago and was quietly. SJB Revocable Trust was established 16 years ago and its aim was to ensure transfer of pop singer’s money to her sons [Jayden James Federline and Sean Preston] in event of her death. Britney’s father and Andrew WallethandedJamie this role in 2018. Jamie wanted to be a financial advisor and create blocked bank accounts for holding sister’s assets. When Britney dies, her $60 million fortune will go to her both sons. Now Lynn is a sole beneficiary. Britney had a lot of personal affairs connected with mental health, money and even music. Jamie Spears controls every step.Supporters of Britney want the end conservatorship. Everybody hopes that Free Britney movement can change something.


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