Mum mourning trans daughter wants her sperm was saved to create a child


Ellie Anderson, a 16-years-old trans girl, died suddenly previous month. Her mother [Louise] froze daughter’s sperm before hormone therapy. Now Louise wants to save this sperm because he is dreaming about grandchild. Mum decided to launcha legal bid because she doesn’t want her daughter’s sperm will be destroyed. Louise explained that the biggest wish of her daughter was to have a baby. “Ellie had made me promise that if anything happens to her, her children would be brought into the world,”Louise added. That’s why it is so important for Louise to honour Ellie’s desire to have kids. She wants to use Ellie’s DNA and donor’s egg via surrogacy. Gender identity of Ellie begun to express when she was only 3 years old. But hormonal treatment was delayed because collection of sperm was important. Ellie wand to make gender-affirming surgery when she is 18.


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