Trans masculine person who gave birth will be signed in the birth certificate as a father


Illinois is updating its birth certificate system to affirm transgender parents, after a trans masculine person gave birth and refused to be signed in their child’s birth certificate as a mother. Myles Brady-Davis, a trans masc person who uses they/them pronouns, gave birth to their daughter, Zayn, in December. Their partner Precious Brady-Davis is a transgender woman and she wanted to be signed as Zayn’s mother in her birth certificate. Being named as the mother on the birth certificate would out Myles as trans every time their daughter did something that required ID, because a birth certificate is usually the primary form of identification until a child is able to get a driving license. Melaney Arnold, spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Public Health, said that Myles and Precious were the first trans parents officially registered in the state . The system is now being updated, Arnold said, to allow for a father to be listed as a birth parent.


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