Arrest warrant ordered for trans man who married a cis woman in Pakistan


Transgender man from Pakistan who illegal married cis woman, was arrested by The Lahore High Court. As we know, transgender marriage in the country is possible and even lawful, but homosexuality is forbidden. Moreover, homosexuality can be punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment. Ali Akash said open in court in July that he is trans and hadgender-affirming surgery. His husband commented that she is happy and satisfied with her husband and marriage in general. Moreover, Akash said it was not a secret for the whole family. But the judge didn’t agree with that and demanded Akash to submit to a gender test. After that, Akash wanted medical examination to be stopped and even divorced his wife for dropping this case. Unfortunately, Akash was arrested according to the decision of Justice Chaudhry Abdul Aziz. And this arrest is non-bailable.


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