Coming out: Dad who rejected gay son wants to make things right


Think twice before you do something, because it can already be too late. It is a story about father (60) whose reaction was so bad that his son (36) came out. Now this father wants to turn the clock back, but is it still possible? He told Deidre Sanders, who is The Sun’s advice columnist, that he would change it, but his son’s outburst is still so angry and he don’t want to forgive him. His son had a breakdown when he was out of the university. It was connected with same-sex relationship that had no happy end, that’s why his son left his feeling distraught. Unfortunately, people understand their mistakes too late sometimes. And this is exactly what happened to father. “My reaction was very negative to my son because I realisedhe was gay. He needed my support and I didn’t give it to him,” father explained. Moreover, father is so sorry because he made racist remarks about partner of his son. He just was afraid of people reaction of this relationship. This story tells that children need unconditional love from their parents.


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