Niecy Nash marries wife Jessica Betts after divorcing her husband


Do you know the best way to come out? You need to marry a woman after divorcing a man. Niecy Nash (50) divorced her husband and married Jessica Betts, an actress love by the queer community. She decided to share this happy day on Instagram by posting a sweet picture. She wrote under the picture“Mrs. Carol Denise Betts” and put hashtag #LoveWins. It became a real surprise for fans of The Claws star. She has never discussed her sexuality. So it became a Plot twist for everyone! It was unexpected thatNash comes out as queer and marries a woman. Family and friends expressed support in marrying a couple. Famous friends of Nash like Sarah Paulson and Lena Waithe congratulated them. Women commented each other’s posts on social media. Nobody expected they are a couple. Jessica Betts posted a topless picture of Niecy and it was devoted to her birthday. Nash and Betts are so happy that they have so huge fan base that support them.


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