Same-sex couples in Northern Ireland finally able to marry in churches


Good news for LGBT community in Northern Ireland: same-sex couples can already marry in church. They have been waiting so long for it and now it is finally possible. Non-Subscribing Church member Chris Hudson welcomed this new decision. “I am so happy for it. This is great news for queer couples who wanted to celebrate their marriage in church. It is so important for them to celebrate it in church embraced by family, friends and God,” Hudson said. The member of Love Equality Patrick Corrigan found this new great as well. He is sure it is really milestone for gender equality in the country, what community needed. “We are happy that our law protects religious freedom,” Corrigan explained. It was not possible for queer couples to marry in their own church earlier. Corrigan wants also civil partnership conversions to be permitted in the country, because some of couple are still unable to marry.


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