Top 3 European Lesbian Bars


Gay spots are very important for LGBT community. There are a lot of gay bar all over the Europe. But people say there is not enough information about venues for lesbian tourists. Europe has some venues to propose for women. Lesbian clubs and bars are really important for community as lesbian tourists can feel safe here and enjoy their vacation among people who understand them. So here are 3 venues for you where you can spend time with your beloved person.
1. Flamingo Beach Bar (Lesbos). If you are a sea lover, this venue is exactly what you need. This bar has picturesque views you will never forget as it is situated on the island of Lesbos. Moreover, this place has a significant historic meaning; it was the home of Sappho who wrote poems about love between women.
2. Begine (Berlin). Germany has hundreds of gay venues. But this place is special. This bar was founded by a group of women for queer women in 1986. Today it welcomes you to spend unforgettable time.
3. La Rosa(Barcelona). The nameof the venue speaks for itself. It is the oldest lesbian bar in Barcelona. The crowd here is diverse but if you have weekend in Barcelona, you should definitely visit this spot.


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