Far-right activist failed to shame a queer man


Kaitlin Bennett – known as “the Kent State gun girl” after she posed with a rifle in her graduation photos – confronted two students about their left-wing politics. She shared a video on the Youtube channel for which she works as a media-director. The video shows Bennett debating with the students about communism. Angela and her friend James shared a few minutes of steadily fraught debate with Bennett, who brought things to a head by saying that structural racism does not exist and asking the students what they were resisting. I’m resisting you, b***h,” Angela replies, as thinks quickly turn base. As she apologizes for the insult her friend James chimes: “I’m sorry you s*** your pants at Kent State.” Bennett then turns to the camera and announces: “This guy was at a party at Kent State, he was giving out free blow jobs. He wanted nothing in return.” “I guess I was,” he proudly admits. “Why were you giving out free blow jobs?” Bennett asks. “Communism,” Angela intervened. She was familiar with Bennett’s views from the Internet and could predict that she would weaponize her friend’s sexuality when she was out of reasonable arguments. But this ‘joke’ did not end well. Why? Communism.


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