Grandmother comes out to granddaughter in heart-warming video


It’s never too late to come out. A grandmother became an example how you can come out even after 60. Unforgettable moment of coming out was filmed. When grandmother started explaining things about her sexuality, her granddaughter whipped out her phone because she wanted this moment to be really unforgettable. Grandmother lived her life with men, but now she says that if she ever got involved with anybody again, it wouldn’t be a man, but a woman. She does like women; she likes women much more than men. It wasn’t enough for granddaughter and she continued asking if grandma prefers woman’s body. “Well, I think boobs are nice. I think the penis, I’m not that keen on it,” she answered. Unfortunately, pandemic makes it not possible to enjoy new dating as much as she would, so is ready to wait a little bit. “Health first,” she added. This interview has been shared on TikTok and grandmother got thousands of supportive comments.


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