Happiest Season: Kristen Stewart teases ‘gay Christmas rom-com’


When you are a fan of rom-com, you will definitely enjoy it! The teaser of the Happiest Season is here. It will be the very first lesbian Christmas rom-com of Kristen Stewart and Clea DuVall (I’m a Cheerleader and The Faculty). Stewartand Mackenzie Davis have roles of a lesbian couple. Stewart plays Abby andDavis plays Harper. Lesbian love, conservative family, misunderstandings, and holiday – it’s all about Happiest Season. Abby wants to make a proposal to Harper at the Christmas party within the family. Later Abby finds out that Harper hasn’t come out to family. Clea DuVall said that it will be a great story. “There are a lot of Christmas stories and I’m really a huge fan of it, but I had never seen my story represented,” DuVall added. Happiest Season is a perfect movie with universal story. Stewart supportedDuVall and said that it will be the funniest gay Christmas rom-com ever.


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