Teen girl expelled from a religious school because of a birthday cake


A teenage girl has allegedly been expelled from a school in Louisville, Kentucky because her birthday cake was in colors of the rainbow. The girl does not identify within the LGBT+ spectrum .She did not even bring the cake to school. The school officials found out about it from the Facebook page of the girl’s mother Kimberly, where she shared photos from the birthday party. And they decided that the ‘assorted’ colors of the cake were enough to expel the girl. We remind you, she is not LGBT+. Maybe they should have let a rainbow be a rainbow? No? Okay, it is possible to find another explanation or the meaning of these colors the Christian school bosses would probably like – the story of Noah. According to the Bible, when Noah’s Ark arrived to the destination, God showed him a sign that he had done everything right and He would take care about him, his wife, his sons and their wives and all the creatures on the ark. A sign of God’s love. A sign of hope. A sign of a better future. What was it? A rainbow, of course! And if God did not find these colors assorted to show Noah that He is there for him, then why should the school bosses think so?


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