Trans woman came out to her wife after 10 years and 2 kids


It is a story about double coming out. Sarah and Jenni Barrett from Phoenix spent 10 years together being married, and finally Sarah decided to come out and to say that she is a trans woman. “I think I’m trans,” said she one day 4 years ago. But it didn’t shockJenni at all, quite the contrary; it became relief as she felt herself gay. Jenni said that Sarahwas a woman inside, but not her shell. Sarah and Jenni are married since 2005 and have two sons, Toby and Morgan. When Toby was born, Sarah started wearing more women’s clothes when she was at home and Jenni noticed that. “Sarahwore a nightie to bed and on date nights countless layers of clothes with a bra underneath, so no one could see it,” Jenni added. Yes, Jenninoticed everything but decided not to discuss it. Sarah became a trans in 2016. After a couple found out that their son is gay, Sarah said what she feels about her sexuality. Despite of that, Sarah and Jenni decided to stay together.


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