Terrifying new law in Russia would legally erase transgender people


Russia is about to be like Hungary: its law will legally erase trans people.Yelena Mizulina, anti-queer lawmaker, decided to put forwardamendmentsto country’s Family Code and now it is forbidden for transgender people to change their gender on birth certificate. People are sure that this amendment is the end of trans people’s recognition in Russia. But the problem is that some people have already such kind of birth, and now they have to hand them back if they don’t receive approval in court. Tatiana Glushkova, a member of Transgender Legal Defense Project, supposed that lawmakersput such amendments just because they were sure that trans people need documents toenter into a same-sex marriage. “Our lawmakers don’t understand the process of changing gender in our country at all… Amendments shouldn’t be accepted simply on technical grounds, not to mention the human rights violations,” Glushkova commented.


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